RISING SUN - Born To Be Wild - Radioactive, 1969


This their sole recorded effort, Born To Be Wild, with its fabulously-cheesy cover, duly appeared on Birchmount records in 1969. Although the band chose a covered track as the album's title, many of the dozen tracks on this album are self-penned and most of them are pretty good, and the band covers Steppenwolf's opus major effortlessly, but the garage-punk vibe of the first side of the record gives way to a more jazzy sound a la Blood Sweat And Tears on side 2 with plenty of horns in evidence. Could David Clayton Thomas, himself a Toronto resident at the time, have played a part in the proceedings? The only thing we know for sure it that this rare album is becoming increasingly sought-after by collectors.

Track Listing: 1. Fire 2. Funky Street 3. Do Something To Me 4. Faster Than The Speed Of Light 5. Lovitis 6. Cinnamon 7. Born To Be Wild 8. Groovy Day (All On A Sunny Day) 9. Chase Away 10. Ainít Love Good 11. Iím An Animal 12. Wishiní And Hopiní