IHRE KINDER - Anfang ohne Ende - Kuckuck, 1972


Formerly a beat band in existence since the mid-60's, known as Jonah & The Whales, Ihre Kinder established themselves in 1968 as a unique and very German band on the edge of pop but with folk and progressive tendencies. As such their sound had little appeal outside their homeland. They had a few hit singles early on, but their polit-rock aesthetic didn't really catch the ear of the pop fan, and vice versa, they were generally too pop styled to appeal to progressive fans. Their debut LP was virtually a collection of pop songs, and is only likely to appeal to those fond of German beat. Their albums after this, released by Kuckuck, are the only ones from their output really worthy of any attention. Though, having said that LEERE HANDE was still rather patchy! 2375 004 (also known as 'Jeans Cover') was possibly the best, though WERDOHL contained their most experimental works.Anfang ohne Ende was the last output on legendary Kuckuck-label After this, their long-serving lead guitarist Muck Groh left, eventually turning up in Aera a few years later.The major songwriters in the band: Sonny Hennig and Ernst Schultz both went onto solo careers. Also, Ihre Kinder have performed on numerous occasions since (CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG). Originally released in 1972.