MOONKYTE - Count Me Out - Sunbeam, 1971


Yorkshire’s Moonkyte only made one album, and - though it was supported by John Peel, who wrote the effusive sleevenotes - it sank without trace when it appeared on the tiny Mother label in 1971. Now, with originals changing hands for hundreds of pounds, Sunbeam is giving it its first official reissue, showing it to be a great lost British acid folk gem and an absolute treat for all lovers of acid folk and psychedelia. Never officially issued on CD. Features comprehensive liner notes by the band. Booklet features many rare photographs.

Track listing:1. Search 2. It’s The Same Thing 3. Way Out Hermit 4. Girl Who Came Out Of My Head Track Listing 5. Tapestry Girl 6. Bridge Song 7. Lead This Sinner On 8. Where Will The Grass Grow 9. Lost Weekend 10. Blues For Boadicea 11. Happy Minstrel 12. Jelly Man